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"Challenging" and "fun" are two words L. Brooks Miner uses to describe his attraction to the construction industry and the special niche occupied by his company, Shore All.

Shore All provides vertical and horizontal concrete forming and scaffolding. The company specializes in truss flying shoring and column "hung" shoring, which eliminates reshoring and cycles in five days with a five-man crew. Shore All also designs and supplies 22K and 50K handset shoring with complete engineering.

 Mr. Miner entered the construction business in 1961 in a sales position with Burke Concrete Accessories. Four years and a promotion later, he transferred to Atlanta as a company vice president to open 16 branch offices. He started the first national broker of used forms and shoring in 1981 and called the company Formwork Exchange, which counts clients across the U.S. and in 24 other countries. Shore All, begun in 1985, is the rental arm of the company.

Shore All is committed to serving as a productive team player with our customers and suppliers. Its 100 years combined staff experience helps the company solve problems with sound solutions and deal with the endless challenges brought by constant change in building designs and the need for creative methods in forming and shoring. Our mission is aided by our national global network of affiliates.

Our success is measured in part by our growth: from one employee to 13 and $4 million in volume annually. We expect to maintain that performance by implementing new products and services to stay ahead of the competition and better serve customers.

Shore All was attracted to the Georgia Branch, AGC because of its impressive goals in safety and education, and we are active in its Membership Committee. Additionally, Miner serves on the board of the Scaffold Industry Association.

Shore All is an active member of the community as well, supporting Boy Scouts, the local high school, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

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